November 25, 2013

the wild moose chase

The story of the piece I've made this weekend is surprisingly long. The shortest version would perhaps start with a phone call I received last friday. The phone call that made me go on a wild moose chase. And that would be surprisingly literally speaking.
But with a very successful photo shoot behind me, I am once again reminded of why I (sometimes) enjoy what I do. When there is a very specific image in my head, I will go very uncomfortable lengths in order to realise it. So when that image suddenly physically exists, and exactly how it was supposed to. Well, that's a pretty awesome feeling. 

My MA show will happen next year this time. And if I continue at this rate, it looks like it's going to be filled with some crazy shit. Pardon my french. No real surprise there though.

The moose will also be there, but until then: here's a slightly more glamourous sneak peek of the cow in question.

October 21, 2013

Cotonou - Helsinki

I have (crash)landed back in Europe. If there wasn't a calendar, and people telling me what day it is, I'd find it impossible to say how long it's been. A week, a month, a year? Time is once again proven relative.

During the residency I did indeed continue my transformations. Trying to fit in by standing out, and vice versa. Turns out that transforming oneself into an animal, or something else, is very old vodun magic. For example Togo's former president is told to have survived a plane crash by turning himself into a leaf. These stories all derive from situations when people have been filled with adrenaline: some have turned into leopards when running away from dangers in the jungle, and so on. However, if you do it just to "show off", it takes a lot of energy, and even years off your life (about two years per transformation). Because no one likes a show-off. Needless to say, this freaked me out. But I also felt like I found some sort of origins for what I do in my work, and this I was not expecting. Neither was I prepared for the fact that I was less of a stranger when I wore a mask, than when I was just a plain weird yovo (white person).

Some "behind the scenes" material:

September 21, 2013


Boom! goes the tropical thunder storm building up somewhere outside my door. I arrived for my 5 week artist residency in Benin about a week ago, and I still haven't quite landed. Villa Karo is a Finno-African cultural centre in the village of Grand Popo, and it has been called a ”paradise” countless of times by the visiting artists. The colours, the smells, the sounds, the everything, well – it's West Africa!

Internet is basically non-existent, so there will be no frequent awesome picture loaded updates (took about 25min to open blogger). But for the artsy fartsy part: I started building a tail out of a palm leaf today. The looks I got from the locals when I carried this massive thing around made me curious as to how they will react to my dress-up games...
When it comes to masking I don't think I'll have to worry too much about the fact that I forgot to bring my masking glue. The tape I brought for drawing has suffered a complete melt-down, so it practically works as a random lump that pretty much sticks to everything and anything. Wish me luck.

P.S. For more suitable reading material I put Confessions of a Sociopath to the side and opened up Jörgen Bitschs' story from 1951, of how he travelled from Denmark to South Africa by motorcycle (!). Needless to say, I recommend both of them.

September 8, 2013

sparks and antidotes

Well, I suppose it's about time to start updating again. The past few months have gone by working in the Spark -exhibition in Fiskars Village, curated by Otso Kantokorpi. My emotions are quite mixed as the exhibition nears its end. I don't know how critical I'm allowed to be about this critical art and design exhibition, as I would have curated it quite differently myself. But there has been some great moments, and ah - what wonderful conversations with confused tourists. Where are the ceramic pots and pretty textiles we're used to seing? What is this suicide bombing workshop for children? (My favourite piece by Jani Leinonen; the Eugen Schauman -workshop). By the way, you still have until the 15th September to see it. I recommend a trip to Fiskars village while the sun still shines in this part of the world...

Now for the awesome stuff: Antidote 7 coming on the 18.9. Don't miss it. Unless you don't want to see H.R. Gieger's alien "making love" (we were banned from using the R-word) to a neo-nazi blow-up doll. But who wouldn't want to se that?

September 6, 2012


New art studies have begun, with a marvellous kick start at the dOCUMENTA (13) Kassel, Germany. After a bit of a break this overdose of contemporary art (good...and bad) gave me a nasty flu and continuing headache. I suppose I will grow immune again, once I get into it.

With my amazing 3 euro disposable camera, I took an image from one of my favourite pieces in the documenta, by Adrian Villar Rojas. I also took a picture of my favourite place during the visit. The Necro-Polis, burial ground for artists. In the middle of the woods. There was a lot of walking that day, and some true potential for an amazing B-horror movie. Unfortunately we all got back alive.

Instead of uploading two semi-boring, bad quality pictures - I decided to photoshop these two places together.

August 23, 2012

just another cliché in the sky

Got to love disposable cameras.

August 16, 2012


If you happen to be moving about in Helsinki at The Night of the Arts, you are welcome to Gallery BE'19 on Uudenmaankatu 19-21. My performance MASK will be showing at 8pm.

June 19, 2012


The famous Finnish game.

March 11, 2012

256 cubes

A dear old university friend of mine from the Lisbon times is doing an artist residency in Canada. Her name is Pia Grüter. She is an amazing artist, and her new project is just as amazing! My cube is number 13. Of course. 

Check it out!

February 29, 2012

HESA inprint

A post about the Mörköjä Keskellä Kirkasta Päivää series on HESA inprint, which is an awesome site for discovering all kinds of wondrous things.'

Thank you for the tip Ms. Weatherhead!